Home Insurance Is A Smart Choice

Your home is your family’s biggest investment. Purchasing home insurance gives you protection for your personal belongings, your dwelling and outbuildings as well as your way of life from loss.

Allow us to personally tailor a policy that covers a variety of potential perils and offers you peace of mind that you will be protected when disaster strikes.

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Types of Home Insurance


Protect your cottage or your vacation property with seasonal home insurance that can cover many of the same things you’ll find in a home insurance policy. The way you use the property will determine the type of policy you require. Is it a summer retreat? Do you use it year round for a weekend getaway? Do you rent it to others?

Our advisors can help you work through these details and design the perfect coverage for your “home away from home”.


Homes can become vacant for many reasons. Perhaps you’ve moved out but haven’t sold the property yet, or maybe it’s under renovation. Since no one lives there, vacant homes tend to pose more risks than occupied ones. Acts of vandalism, liability, and fire, for instance, are potentially serious issues with a vacant home. Homeowners policies don’t always cover these types of risks on a vacant property, but vacant home insurance is an option for you.

Our advisors can help you acquire the policy that suits your situation.


When you rent a home, apartment or condo you have special insurance needs. Your landlord will have insurance that protects the building but it will not protect your personal belonging or liability.

Contact us today to assist you in acquiring the renter policy that suits your needs.


Your condo, regardless of style, will have an insurance policy that covers the building, property and common areas but it does not protect your personal belongings, liability or improvements you’ve made to your unit.

Call us today so we can design the perfect policy to protect your condo and lifestyle.

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